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Ways to give

Since beginning its work in Nairobi in October 2014, WSWI has depended solely on individual donors like you to help us help women and youth pursue their dreams. Without your donations, we could not have provided the business planning workshops and coaching for microbusiness owners like like Zinia, who started a business selling used clothing but quickly determined that her real passion is in hair styling. She is now a successful mobile hair dresser. (See The Youth Banner page.)

WSWI has provided business planning training and coaching to over 200 women entrepreneurs like Zinia above.

  • only 5% were keeping accounting records when they began the program
  • 80% of the graduates now keep records of their earnings
  • Nearly 95% of our graduates have seen growth and improved operations in their business since implementing their plans

With your continued support, we can execute our strategies to

  • Scale our micro-business planning workshops from semi-annual to quarterly
  • Sustain the outcomes by training our partners on the ground to deliver the training
  • Provide partner leadership with strategic planning and coaching for their growth, effectiveness, and accountability
  • Offer the WSWI business growth training and coaching to women and opportunity youth in low-income communities in the Bay Area.

Sponsorships and a la carte

$1000: Sponsor a workshop for 20 entrepreneurs
$250: Sponsor 5 entrepreneurs for training
$100: Training materials for a one-day workshop
$50: Support an entrepreneur for a day of training

WSWI is grateful for whatever you can contribute!

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