Making mutually beneficial connections between women that wish to share their abundance, be it knowledge, wisdom, or prosperity, with others having abundant hope, courage, and vision is our most important and meaningful role. We know from our own experience how fulfilling it is for both parties. The mentor is just as rewarded as the mentee.

The participants in our business workshops and leadership training that receive follow up coaching and mentoring tell us that it keeps them focused on their goals and helps them apply what they’ve learn when challenges and opportunities change.


Are you interested in being someone that a micro-business owner, young professional, or community leader can talk to about their ideas, plans, and decisions?

Are you curious about what the two of you may have in common as a bridge across ways of being and living?

Do you want to explore the wisdom you have to share with someone from a different culture, with a different worldview, yet with dreams you remember as your own?

You’ll tell us how you want to help and we’ll match you with a participant in our partner programs. You’ll get to know (and grow) each other using eMentoring Africa’s online mentoring system. In addition providing the platform for communicating with your mentee, the system facilitates the entire process. Potential mentors are prepared with an orientation or a full mentoring training, depending upon experience. The training is modular, relevant to the different categories of mentees. Mentors and mentees submit profiles to the online mentoring platform and both have the option to request and accept a mentor or mentee. An agreement is created and the relationship begins.


If you’d like to discuss the possibilities or are already sold on the idea of becoming one of our mentors, please complete the contact form.

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