Reflections on the WSWI 2018 Connections Conference

The WSWI 2018 Connections Conference was an unforgettable collaboration with the Universe and a group of beautiful, wise women. Let me put that in context. I believed that getting a two-year start on planning our 2nd conference in Nairobi would ensure a smooth implementation. But applying project management to Life is like telling God your plans. So when things started to fall apart six months out, I released all worry and stress, focused on my work and healing, and let the Universe take care of everything else. It became a conference theme – we are our best and most powerful when we co-create with Life.

Ten women traveled to Kenya for the Oct 31 – Nov 2 conference, 7 to do workshops, 2 to help, and 5 who are members of the WSWI Mentoring Community and first-timers to Africa. See the video below for the fun we had after the conference!


Sherry Bisaillon and Susan Chritton


Gabriela Buich

Olivia Herriford and Tendai Jordan

Barbara Norman-Wilson


Kirsti Tcherkoyan

I never could have imagined that our two Kenyan board members and partners, Esther Muchiri and Wamuyu Mahinda, would, at the 11th hour, need to cancel due to how Life was happening for them. But we still had four very inspirational leaders from Kenya lead sessions.

At home with Margaret Karungaru post-conference

Rev Connie Phelps

Rev Lucy Waweru


Rosaia Ruberto

I was thrilled to meet my co-mentee, Eunice Kariuki, whose wisdom I’m tapping; we both direct tech apprenticeship programs and she’s way ahead of me! Meeting the Kenyan members of the Mentoring Community was special and deepened connections.

We had 47 women participate in the conference, most of them for all three days. Our sponsors made it happen! Every single one of the Kenyan and Ugandan participants, 100%, were able to attend because their fees were covered. Thank you!

Here’s a photo slideshow of our two week experience in Kenya:

Our vision is to be a premier connector of women in service to others; our mission is professional, personal, and leadership development for change. Both were demonstrated in amazing ways. Everyone’s self-awareness was heightened, we all stoked the power (and fire) we have within and celebrated some meaningful stuff!  Everyone left with at least one deep connection. I really wish my friends, Esther and Wamuyu, could have been there to testify with knowing smile about the possibilities to come.

I hope you enjoy the pictorial summary. We’re in discussion about returning in January 31 – February 2, 2020 in collaboration with the Centre for Spiritual Living Kenya Mkutano.

Stay tuned!

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