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Entrepreneurship, business planning and management
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Programs and Services

Bi-Annual Business Planning Workshops-Nairobi
Part I: Business strategy and execution plan
Part II: Plan update and coaching
Women Sharing Wisdom Leadership Conferences



Mentoring connections (online mentor/mentee connections)
Education and career planning
Leadership and Life coaching


Since WSWI began its work in 2013, we have impacted the lives of 187 women entrepreneurs and 48 aspiring professionals through our business and leadership development training and coaching. By the end of 2017, we will double those numbers and envision doubling this impact every year going forward.

The majority of the entrepreneurs we’ve trained:

  • are women 21-35
  • have not completed secondary school
  • are all caregivers for children and elderly family members
  • own businesses such as hawking, operating a kiosk, hairdressing, manufacture and sales of detergents, cereals, and charcoal, tailoring and dress making, selling clothes,
  • earn profits that barely exceed $100 per month

Yet they are inspired to grow their businesses, add new business activities, or start an entirely new line of business and we want to continue to help them achieve these goals.

What these business owners seek to gain from our wisdom are strategies and practices for dealing with business threats and challenges, budgeting, bookkeeping, inventory management, sales and communications skills, and networking.

The young professionals we’ve worked come from two groups; university student leaders and the staff of our local partners. Exposing them to professional growth opportunities is developing the leaders needed to sustain the work. Some have already begun to coach and mentor participants that have competed the entrepreneurship training.

Most important, all of our program participants express the desire for more frequent opportunities for learning and coaching. This is why the mentorship component of our work is so important. When we connect WSWI program participants with mentors who can be sounding boards and sources of advice about applying what they’ve learned, they are even more prepared to pursue their goals and change lives.